Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Remember when romance and chivalry were the norm?


For centuries, diamonds have symbolized two lovers joining together for eternity.

Diamonds are gemstones the best symbol of love, strength and solidarity. That’s the reason diamonds are interchangeable with everlasting fondness, devotion and union.

The Jewelry Box prides itself in being the leading buyer and seller of quality diamonds. Our gemologists are highly trained professionals who are very experienced at selecting only the finest quality gemstones.

Our fine choice of exquisite set of coloured and colourless diamonds and diamond engagement rings is unmatched.

At The Jewelry Box engagement rings are our fire. There’s nothing quite like discovering engagement ring that is one of a kind that tells a narrative days gone by.

We strive to present only the finest engagement ring that will bring you joy for the rest of your life. All of the engagement rings in our collection are authenticated as vintage designs (unless otherwise noted). You are assured that your selection will be like NO OTHER

When you purchase an engagement ring from our exceptional collections you buy with confidence. No jewelry selection evokes more emotion than an engagement ring does. You will know immediately when you find the PERFECT ring for you.

You may have searched for rings from 30 or 40 years ago, estate jewelry or possibly antique rings from centuries past. You may completely trust that “The Jewelry Box” has examined and scrutinized all facets of engagement ring to make certain of its quality.

All of our jewelry displays its guarantee. The metals that are used are: white, platinum, yellow and rose gold options.

We have a wide selection of “Old European cut diamonds“, old mine cut diamonds, Asscher cuts, modern brilliant cuts and other elaborate cut diamonds available for your inspection.

Our in-house designers take great care to craft a design that showcases your centre stone. They are able to set an heirloom diamond in a classic ring setting or create a completely new ring reminiscent of times of old.

The classic design of our engagement rings combined with bold, clean designs and current diamond cuts create an unforgettable ring that is a perfect “fit” on any modern woman’s finger.

Frequently, couples choose to do their engagement ring shopping together. This offers the best possibility of finding the EXACT ring she is wanting.

Pick one that’s classic with a history to finish your perfect proposal now or a ring of antique design. If you’re interested in additional information about some of our exceptional engagement rings please contact us at (781) 286-2274